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ScratchcardsIf you enjoy playing traditional scratch cards, you are sure to love playing online! Not only can you choose from over 75 different online scratchcards and instant win games, there is a whole host of other reasons to play.

At, all players who sign up to play for real money are offered a generous welcome offer, this is a great way to get a head start in playing and this is a bonus that is not offered by traditional scratchies.

Online scratch cards also offer greater chances of winning as well as cash prizes unparalleled by traditional scratch tickets. At CrazyScratch, players can win up to £500.000 on the scratchcard game Diamond Duet and up to an amazing £200,000 on any other game. There is also a promise that every 3rd card wins! Playing online scratch cards represents more value for money and more game play.

In addition to all the other great cash incentives, there are over 75 games to choose from and you can switch between games, select how much to stake and play as many times as you wish. What’s more, there are no restrictions on where and when you can play!

Start playing online scratch cards now!

CrazyScratch is the leading online scratchcard brand in the UK and Ireland and welcomes thousands of players every single month. All players are welcome to play for free or for real money.

If you love traditional scratchcards, you are in for a treat. Prepare yourself for one of the best entertainment experiences with chances of winning big cash prizes.


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